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AHRA 2022 Sunday July 10 Convention Daily

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Welcome to the 50th AHRA Annual Meeting Sunny Phoenix has warmly welcomed all attendees to say the least Luckily the vibe at the conference is pretty chill and the coolest imaging professionals in the business are here as things kicked off today Sunday is a day of workshops special events the new member and first time attendee luncheon and lots of setting up in the exhibit hall and with speakers getting ready to move the conference into high gear Watch for the rest of the week s Convention Daily issues for real time photos session reviews and much much more Contents Welcome to AHRA 2022 From Wendy Renneke Annual Meeting Design Team Chair 1 Leadership Development Committee Article 2 AHRA President Q Q reprint from HealthCare Business News 3 A glimpse of AHRA 2022 so far 4

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Hello to our amazing AHRA community Here we are WELCOME to the 50th Annual Meeting There s so much to look forward to this week Our Keynote speakers will not only WOW but inspire interact and challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone meet potential biases head on and delve into gritty perseverance amid life altering experiences Come with an open mind and get ready to be on your feet Your peers from across the nation will educate and collaborate with you as you learn together in breakout sessions and transformational leadership workshops Our vendor partners will leave you in awe of next level technologies throughout the exhibit hall and right at your fingertips Offering you the opportunity to not only dream of what your imaging landscape could be but to interact ask questions and take next steps to realize your organization s Imaging vision We will celebrate Imaging Leaders and Scholarship recipients for their successes and honor members of our AHRA community with awards and designations to represent the fruit of their efforts On behalf of the AMDT I am excited to pull the curtains back and welcome you into everything our AHRA 50th Annual Meeting has in store for you in Phoenix Arizona Thank you for being here Wendy Renneke RT R CT AHRA 2022 Annual Meeting Design Team Chair 2 Convention Daily

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BOARD EXPANDS FORMER NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE RESPONSIBILITES TO REFLECT YEAR LONG LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT GOALS AND OBJECTIVES By Howard Schwartz LDC member and Past President What will future AHRA leaders look like How will the AHRA Board identify and promote future AHRA leaders who will successfully anticipate and develop products projects and services of value to our members These were questions discussed extensively this past year resulting in transforming the former Nominations Committee to a full year Leadership Development Committee LDC responsible for promoting and educating AHRA members on how non profit boards of directors operate as well as what future leadership needs exist within the Association Beginning last August eleven AHRA members and staff gathered via Zoom to discuss redesign and transform the Nominations Committee duties to include a more comprehensive and inclusive Leadership Development Committee focused on the process of developing board leaders in addition to nominating and electing them This transition included identifying ways of enhancing board member performance through the lens of equity diversity inclusion vision passion unconventional thinking mentorship orientation and ongoing development To accomplish this the Committee s scope needed to adopt a more aggressive agenda that would include identifying cultivating and recruiting leaders as part of the AHRA s Board Building Cycle How would the Board achieve this expanded leadership development scope What changes would need to be immediately implemented The team first concentrated on revamping the LDC evaluation form videoconferencing online interview format and applicant submission form with all new questions targeted toward providing a more contemporary perspective regarding the role and expectations of future AHRA leaders seeking elected positions It also became clear that essential resources and mechanisms would need to be identified or developed in order to fully and successfully meet these enhanced committee objectives and responsibilities Our plan is to now evaluate the changes made so far to see if our immediate objectives have been met We must also move forward on codifying resources as well as create an LDC landing page in the new AHRA website redesign as part of this coming year s tasks This transformation represents a significant new direction for the AHRA Our thanks go to Greg Adamczak Cassandra Dike Christine Harris Jeff McGough Jacqui Rose Chair Howard Schwartz Sheila Sferrella Chuck Stamper and the Chair Jacqui Rose for their many volunteer hours of service devoted to helping make this change possible Serving as a volunteer on the leadership committee has helped to expand the way I think critically and strategically Cassandra Dike 3 Convention Daily

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AHRA 2022 DAY 1 A GLIMPSE AT THE EVENT SO FAR By Rick Perez CRA Retired I spent the afternoon attending courses for Aspiring Leaders track and it was inspiring to see many new members and first time attending the annual meeting My first session attended was on effective communication and ways to deal with this Wes Harden was amazing at getting all the information presented in an easy informative way seeking audiences participation The next session was Brenda RInehart who took us through resilience which is so timely since everyone is dealing with how to deal with issue for the staff and most importantly yourself since we need to navigate the issues for our staffs The day ended with Brenda DeBastiani who went through marketing for the imaging professionals and how to get the message on everyone roles in marketing and the imaging service provided from the greeter through the entire process Including the report but also how the report is accepted by referring Providers Awesome day by great speakers and relevant information for the imaging professional attending the meeting Can t wait til tomorrow 7 Convention Daily

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