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AHRA 2021 Convention Daily: Aug 5

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Be Present. Good avDICE fromour GREAT KeYnote presenter!Sometimes we get a messagethat resounds, but also may notbe what we wanted to hear. Butwhen it's delivered in such acaring, powerful way, it can betransformative. This was the case with AHRA2021's closing Keynote speaker,Jason Hewlett. I know many of uswill walk away from the meetingbetter for it, and will seek toincorporate some of theimportant notions discussed withus day-to-day.

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49th Annual Meeting & ExpositionThursday, August 5AnnouncIng the 2021 AHRAInnovatIon Award WInner!Change the way you care for ICUpatients with neurocritical conditionsby providing mobile head CT imagingwith SOMATOM from SiemensHealthineers. By imaging these patientsdirectly in the ICU, you can reducecomplications associated with patienttransports to the radiologydepartment, help physicians reach fasttreatment decisions, and optimize staffdeployment. Congratulations toSiemens-Healthineersfor winning the 2021Innovation Award for SOMATOM!There was serious competition for this award, and we thank eachcompany who particpated, and who innovate for the good of patientcare worldwide!www.siemens-healthineers.usSOMATOM bringsproven SOMATOM imagequality to the patient’s bedside.Thank you to everyone who voted!

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49th Annual Meeting & ExpositionThursday, August 5William gave attendees a historical journey of thedevelopment of CT scanners from first generationthrough slip ring technology and now to fascinatingfast pieces of equipment. Concerns we had with older generation ofequipment especially with capturing contrast mediaenhancements morphed from concerns of missingit because equipment was too slow to nowoutrunning it because the equipment is too fast.InnovatIons In CT and contrastmedIaSPEAKER: William Faulkner By Nicole Dhanraj, PhD,CRA,RT, R,CT,MR)Faulkner warned the audience that weneed to develop protocols that is specificto the equipment instead of having a onesize fit all approach. This specifity toequipment coupled with the indication forexam, the type of injector available, andthe patient are all important factors toconsider when optimizing CT quality examoutcomes. Synchronizing all thesecomponents especially whenadministering contrast media will ensurecapture and optimal enhancement. The audience walked away with some tipsof improving their use of contrast mediabased on the examples he shared andsome memorable moments of storiesfrom an incredibly long Imaging career. It was an honor to beamongst giants in theindustry, the Mr WilliamFaulkner.The buzz was high fromcolleagues inanticipation to what hewill be telling us about inthis session.

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49th Annual Meeting & ExpositionThursday, AUgust 5A few PartIng Shots from the DenIm & DIamondsTheme partY!AHRA 2022Consider this your official invitation to join us nextyear as we celebrate AHRA's 50th Annual Meetingand Exposition!Phoenix | July 10-13